EW interview: Stephen & Emily being adorable dorks (x)



Tatiana Maslany’s facial expressions should be hanging up in a gallery.

Lord “Damn You’re Hot” Julien

"Amell promises last night’s Olicity bait and switch was based in truth. Oliver said in episode 6 he can’t be with the one he loves, so…”

Magnus needs some space when sitting around...

I’m very neurotic and self-conscious. So I think that I’ll know when I’m becoming a dick and believing my own press.

That could’ve been unthinkable, you and me.

How do I look?

Like a hero.


Once Upon a Storybook:

Emma Swan & Killian Jones

A Black & White Fairy Tale

“Party Favor for the Once Upon a Sunday Eve Party!”

Once Upon a Sunday Eve Chatroom [x]